Understanding Publish, Connect, RefCount and Share in RxSwift

In this article, I aim to explain Publish, Connect, RefCount and Share operators using RxSwift.

MVVM with RxSwift experiment

Someone told me recently,

Reactive recipe #2

This recipe is divided into sections which are answers to the questions I asked myself while developing my first MVVM pattern with usage of RxSwift.

Reactive recipe #1

I’ve been looking into Reactive Programming in general and I can say one thing: it’s MIND-BLOWING concept!

WatchKit: Row controllers with multiple buttons

Over the last few days, I’ve been busy working with WatchKit. It was my first try with Apple Watch (I know, it’s November and I’m a little bit late).

Swift 2.0 JSON parsing

Recently, I’ve started learning Swift and bumped into problem with JSON parsing. I wrote something simple but it wasn’t perfect so I put my code at codereviews.

startWith: ReactiveCocoa and MVVM

I am fascinated about ReactiveCocoa and MVVM. I really am. But the learning curve is very steep and sometimes I am very confused in RAC world.

NSObject's description method tips

Whenever you create custom object it’s useful to override NSObject’s description class method. It returns a string with basic information of objects. However, this output is not very descriptive.

Hello world

Few weeks ago I came up with an idea of creating my personal corner. And finally it’s there!